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My name is Vlad Skvortsov, I'm a software engineer: it's my job, hobby and addiction.

My primary interests include high-performance, scalable, fault-tolerant distributed systems; server-side applications; information retrieval technologies; procedural aspects of software engineering process.

I work on several private and open-source projects, hacking in Python, Haskell, Erlang, Perl and C.

Guitar, hiking, ice hockey and other hobbies help me to balance my life.

My e-mail is vss@73rus.com.


Switching iTerm To UTF-8

Oct 30 2009, 18:12 permalink

This is just a short note on how I (finally) migrated to UTF-8 in my terminal (iTerm 0.10) on MacOS X 10.4.


Bourne Shell Functions In Pipelines

Sep 23 2008, 11:02 permalink
Tags: shell tips

I spent quite some time trying to debug a simple shell script which used a function modifying global variables. The problem turned out to be a different behaviour of a shell function when that's called from a pipeline.


Fitting Quadratic Models In R

Jul 14 2008, 12:35 permalink
Tags: r tips

I guess it's fairly obvious to statistics gurus, but I've spent quite some time trying to figure out how to fit a quadratic model (with linear coefficients) in R. Here's how.


WadcomBlog 0.3 Released

Jul 05 2008, 13:15 permalink

I've just released WadcomBlog 0.3. The major change in this version is getting rid of a notion of category (which you might have already noticed by looking at my blog).


WadcomBlog 0.2 Released

Feb 21 2008, 13:13 permalink

I've finally got around to release WadcomBlog version 0.2, with help from Oley in testing. Most important changes include tag cloud support and many more customizable settings.


Installing (Russian) LaTeX On MacOS X

Feb 03 2008, 11:15 permalink

Today I had to install LaTeX (with Russian support) on another Mac. Since it took me some time (and trial and error), I'm jotting down the recipe.


DITrack Is Worth A Million Bucks

Oct 30 2007, 13:15 permalink

DITrack appeared on Ohloh.net yesterday and per the system's evaluation, it's worth $1,296,764. Hey, dudes, please make the check payable to my name! :-)


Command Line Image Resizing On Mac

Aug 03 2007, 14:27 permalink
Tags: mac tips

I was long looking for a quick way to resize images (without loading them into iPhoto or what not). After digging into Jason Molenda's Makethumbs I've finally found one.


Home-made Music

Aug 01 2007, 14:56 permalink
Tags: guitar music

I've been playing guitar for quite some time (though still at pretty amateurish level) and recently started recording some stuff. Here are two pieces that I think are the best of what I've done so far.


Cyrillic Fonts In R Plots

May 20 2007, 13:46 permalink

I've been using the R Project to perform statistic-related tasks in my ongoing Ph.D work. It's a great system and the only thing I had missed so far was the ability to annotate plots with russian texts in cyrillic. Of course R is capable of that, but I haven't seen complete recipes on how to do it anywhere on the web.


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