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My name is Vlad Skvortsov, I'm a software engineer: it's my job, hobby and addiction.

My primary interests include high-performance, scalable, fault-tolerant distributed systems; server-side applications; information retrieval technologies; procedural aspects of software engineering process.

I work on several private and open-source projects, hacking in Python, Haskell, Erlang, Perl and C.

Guitar, hiking, ice hockey and other hobbies help me to balance my life.

My e-mail is vss@73rus.com.

Home-made Music

Aug 01 2007, 14:56 permalink
Tags: guitar music

I've been playing guitar for quite some time (though still at pretty amateurish level) and recently started recording some stuff. Here are two pieces that I think are the best of what I've done so far.

I named the first one "April" since I couldn't really come up with anything sensible, and the piece was composed in April 2000. :-) It was originally recorded in November 2000 for my wife's birthday with an acoustic guitar to a magnetic tape. Later I digitized that but the quality was unacceptable. So this July I rerecorded it with my electric.

The second one is called "The Fall Blues", because I've been composing it literall all fall through (August -- December 2006) and it has some (arguably) "bluesy" sound. It was recorded early January 2007.

Both of these are recorded with Fender Strat through Line6 POD2.0 and GarageBand.