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My name is Vlad Skvortsov, I'm a software engineer: it's my job, hobby and addiction.

My primary interests include high-performance, scalable, fault-tolerant distributed systems; server-side applications; information retrieval technologies; procedural aspects of software engineering process.

I work on several private and open-source projects, hacking in Python, Haskell, Erlang, Perl and C.

Guitar, hiking, ice hockey and other hobbies help me to balance my life.

My e-mail is vss@73rus.com.

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WadcomBlog 0.3 Released

Jul 05 2008, 13:15 permalink

I've just released WadcomBlog 0.3. The major change in this version is getting rid of a notion of category (which you might have already noticed by looking at my blog).


WadcomBlog 0.2 Released

Feb 21 2008, 13:13 permalink

I've finally got around to release WadcomBlog version 0.2, with help from Oley in testing. Most important changes include tag cloud support and many more customizable settings.


WadcomBlog 0.1 Released

Mar 07 2007, 12:49 permalink

Recently I've spent more spare time on my blog engine and since it finally got some shape, I decided to release it. My site is currently running version 0.1, and you can see new "RSS" icons on top of index pages. This is one of the most important features of this version, which is available here.